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Supporting You Through Uncertain Times – As your partner, Fiserv is committed to helping you navigate a changing world. The following resources are designed to support your shifting needs.  


Digital Engagement

Zelle P2P Payments - In the midst of significant disruption, many financial institutions are considering whether it’s a good time to add person-to-person payments to support customers looking for alternative ways to make payments and get paid.

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, June 4 at 11:30 am ET to learn more about how Zelle P2P payments provide a safe, fast way to send money to friends, family and co-workers in need.

To streamline the rollout, many Zelle Custom Marketing Program materials are available through our partnership with Beavercreek Marketing. These include staff training materials, marketing assets and videos. 

EWS Real-Time Deposit Chek® Service - As the Federal Government continues to issue stimulus checks to consumers as part of the “CARES” Act, Early Warning is working closely with the U.S. Treasury Department to assist with the expedient processing of these payments. Early Warning has created a real-time API to query the U.S. Treasury database to detect duplicates, counterfeits, stop payments and stale dated items. 

As a feature of tMagic, clients can set the dollar threshold for EWS verification of non-onus checks using the IDadmin console. EWS has provided an FAQ to offer additional details on the API, status code definitions and the overall process.

Communicate About Your Digital Options – People are looking for ways to manage more financial tasks from the safety and comfort of their home. The following resources are available to help you ensure customers or members are aware of all the digital tools available to them and to help support a smooth adoption of options they may be using for the first time, such as remote deposit.

  • Communicate Within Account Statements – Account statements can be an important venue for customer outreach and updates on your evolving response to recent developments. If you need support creating dynamic statements with space for updates, Fiserv can help.
  • Remote Deposit Checklist – This quick list of best practices helps ensure a smooth experience using digital options for depositing checks and cash.
  • Impact Marketing Messaging Template – Use our free and fully customizable messaging template to communicate with consumers about digital banking solutions that help them manage their financial health and keep them safe at home.
  • Digital Banking Tutorials – Our partner, Beavercreek Marketing, is offering 90 days of unbranded video tutorials of select digital banking products free of charge for financial institutions that are not currently subscribed to the Online Education Center. All materials are available for immediate download.
  • Mobiliti™ eLearning Portal – The Mobiliti eLearning Portal is an interactive learning platform designed to educate, train and test new users on the functions and benefits of Mobiliti features. 


A Complete Market-Leading Solution for PPP Lending - Financial Institutions that have helped small businesses receive SBA PPP loans can start preparing for the forgiveness process. The forgiveness component of our SBA PPP Lending Solution streamlines the application, validation and submission processes for both borrowers and financial institutions. These new features can be used by any financial institution with SBA PPP loans, even if your financial institution has not previously used the SBA PPP Lending Solution from Fiserv. Listen to a recording of this webinar or check out the slides and FAQ document to learn more.


Loan Payment Skips and Extensions - As many financial institutions are modifying loans or offering payment skip and extension options, we have created a Pandemic Client Support Section on the client extranet to offer relevant resources and FAQs. Watch the recording of our DNA Client Talk Session where we discussed options for administering loan skips and extensions on DNA. 


Person Insert/Update Utility 
This DNAapp adds person records, associated mailing addresses and phone numbers, certification date (Queue Effective Date) and birth dates from a comma delimited file (.csv) into DNA®.  The application then links the address to the person via the address use code and the phone number to the person via the phone use code as provided in the input file.   

The DNAappstore from Fiserv is a collaborative community and online marketplace for trying, buying and selling custom DNAapps that enhance and extend the robust functionality of your DNA® account processing platform.


Client Spotlight  

Video – Fiserv clients - Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Members Cooperative Credit Union and Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union installed IBKs in their branches allowing members to conduct self-service banking and freeing staff from low-value transactions to being able to engage with members in more high-value conversations. Watch the video.



Times have changed. In an unpredictable environment, it’s not easy to see what impact the shifting economy will have on your balance sheet. Evolving the way you measure, monitor and manage risks can help you make data-driven strategic decisions and pivot your business with clarity.  

A simulation engine can give you immediate answers to what-if questions, so you can weigh the relative risks and rewards of different business strategies and stress events. You can test endless interest-rate scenarios and examine individual balance-sheet components or the balance sheet as a whole.

Taking control of your lending portfolio risk in particular can give you the confidence to continue lending in an uncertain environment. Fiserv can help you turn scheduled, manual account review into a continuous, risk-based process. Join a webinar on June 2 to learn more about how you can redefine loan portfolio risk management.



DNA Lunch and Learn Classes (June offerings) These sessions will provide an opportunity for a refresher of the course topic and an opportunity to network with other financial institutions. Multiple classes are available on each of these topics: Loans, Back Office, Deposits and CRM / BI Activity Manager. Register

Covid-19-Related Training Topics: Activity Manager, SBA Loan Products, Client Chat Session (open discussion) and Ask the Trainer (open discussion). Register


  • Commercial Lending: Portfolio Risk Management, Tuesday June 2 2:00 pm ET - Join our webinar to learn how Commercial Lending: Portfolio Risk Management from Fiserv can help you maximize opportunity and minimize risk in your credit relationships and portfolios. Register
  • Zelle – Behind the Phenomenon, Thursday June 4 11:30 am ET – Join our webinar to learn how Zelle P2P payments provide a safe, fast way to send money to friends, family and co-workers in need. Register
  • DNA Expert Series: Remote Core Conversions - The DNA Expert Series is a collection of conversations around best practices and solutions in financial services account processing. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Mohit Dhir, Director of Program Management and Darrell DeGlandon, Senior Project Manager describe how Fiserv leveraged thorough planning, collaboration and technology to change how core conversions are conducted. Watch the next episode of the DNA Expert Series
  • SBA PPP Lending Solution Loan Forgiveness and Servicing: recording | presentation
  • DNA COVID-19 Resources for Canada
    (April 28) | recording
  • DNA Support Considerations in a Negative Rate Policy Environment
    (April 16 & 22) |  recording | presentation
  • More Webinar Recordings Here


COVID-19: The Future of Lending Can’t Get Here Soon Enough - Recent innovation in lending provides a blueprint for institutions to rebuild their loan engines for the future starting now. To help their communities, financial institutions should consider an array of new product and promotional offerings.

While the current focus is on helping consumers and communities through the COVID-19 crisis, banks and credit unions can’t afford to lose sight of the strategies and efforts that will keep them relevant and viable over the long term. Read the blog.

Moving Forward: Deposit Product Recommendations - As the financial strain of shelter-in-place mandates wears on consumers, Raddon experts expect to see two divergent consumer deposit behaviors that financial institutions will need to address soon.

By taking a proactive approach with product offerings and communication strategy, financial institutions can not only reassure accountholders during this time of uncertainty, but they can strengthen relationships and create a more loyal customer or member base. Read the blog



Security Blog:

The Current Crisis Has Brought a New Wave of Fraud – The current crisis has brought a new wave of fraud, including everything from phishing attempts to fake charities designed to prey on people’s goodwill and fraudulent offers to expedite government relief funds. Get the latest updates on emerging security threats and tools that can help you maintain the highest level of protection while improving the customer experience. 

Security Case Study:

How Wayne Bank Improved Network Security, Speed and Resiliency – Faced with a network infrastructure that was reaching end-of-life, Wayne Bank saw an opportunity to modernize its network and position itself for the future.


Prepare Your Team to Work Remotely - To help keep your financial institution and customers safe and secure, Fiserv offers complimentary consultative services to guide you through the necessary steps for managing this temporary work-from-home situation.

Many financial institutions are in need of additional laptops or other hardware to help their staff work from home at this time. Offered as an additional benefit to Fiserv clients, is a site that lets financial institutions leverage the buying power of Fiserv to procure hardware from trusted brands at competitive prices.

Visit to order laptops, monitors, IP phones and much more.

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Fiserv greatly values your partnership. In the coming days and weeks, more resources will continue to be added to this page. In addition, stay tuned for the latest updates on Forum 2020, which is going to be a virtual event.

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