Mortgage MomentumSM – Controlling your mortgage ecosystem

How can your organization reach new borrowers and deliver the experience every consumer now expects? How can you accomplish this while also generating revenue?

The short answer: Technology.

The opportunity exists to provide a simpler, more profitable mortgage transaction, using digital technology and automation to reduce the cost of a loan throughout the life of a loan.

Digital mortgage capabilities can deliver an improved consumer borrowing experience and allow financial institutions to expand their footprints to places without a brick-and-mortar presence or where loan originators aren't available. Make your online borrower experience easy and intuitive, and deliver a differentiated experience quickly and accurately via any device the consumer chooses.

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Regardless of where you are in executing your digital strategy, leveraging a Fiserv partnership can help you improve and increase your strategies’ effectiveness.

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Automation and AI

Lenders and investors must be able to verify and validate that the loan they're about to service or create as an asset doesn't have risk attached to it. Technology automates that work, streamlining processes and greatly diminishing the regulatory burden and associated risk.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a bigger role in the mortgage experience. As more data becomes available to lenders, more rules and automated workflows can be created. That means repeatable intelligent decisions can be made.

Machine learning also helps create a better borrower experience, adding automation for greater accuracy and speed. The interaction with the borrower and back-office staff continues to evolve, becoming more automated, factual and real time.

Fiserv Offers a New Approach to Mortgage Technology

When you apply the Fiserv approach, Mortgage MomentumSM, you improve loan quality, mitigate risk, and speed approval and closing processes while reducing the cost of origination. This allows you to support a better experience for today’s demanding borrowers.


Combined with workflow automation tools, Fiserv can help you streamline and simplify loan origination, and enables you to leverage a wide range of prepackaged solutions to enhance the lending experience. As these capabilities evolve, they will support greater customization and simplification of the mortgage loan process through existing digital channels.

The Mortgage Director loan origination system (LOS) and the OriginateSM Mortgages point-of-sale (POS) mobile enhanced application are among the digital solutions from Fiserv that enable the Mortgage Momentum approach.

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