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1. Adapt.
Apply new thinking and strategies to adjust for dynamic change and disruption
2. Grow
Develop new capabilities, services and revenue opportunities
3. Protect
Prepare and defend the enterprise and consumers from dynamic threats.

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1. Adapt

Branch Transformation Trailblazers Blend Talent and Technology [Forum Session] – Financial institutions are leveraging digital strategies and reimagining staff roles to heighten the branch experience and create self-service opportunities. Hear from several trailblazing financial institutions about how they are using digital self-service, biometrics and interactive kiosks to create digitally connected experiences in their branches. 

Principles and Best Practices for Delivering Improved User Experiences [Forum Session] – Creating an improved user experience involves more than making the user interface pretty. It requires intuitive, efficient and functionally elegant services that create easy and pleasant interactions for users. Good user-experience design values people above data, delivers relevant information quickly and in a way that’s easy to understand, and elicits positive emotional responses. Explore the principles guiding the transformation of the user experience for community banks.

Real-Time Payments – Perspectives From the Federal Reserve and The Clearing House [Forum Session] – Tremendous advances in digital payments have resulted in higher consumer expectations for faster payments. The Federal Reserve is developing FedNow, a real-time settlement service. The Clearing House is moving forward with its RTP® network. How should you respond? Join our panel discussion with Nick Stanescu, SVP,  FedNow Business Executive, The Federal Reserve, Steve Ledford, Product Executive, The RTP Network, The Clearning House and Tim Ruhe, VP, Strategic Partners, Fiserv 

Precision Platform Strategy and Roadmap [Forum Session] – While social and technological forces may reshape banking, some things remain constant, including the ability of Precision to support your success. Join this Forum session to discover how Precision can help you grow deposits, loans, commercial relationships and new sources of revenue, while also enhancing operational efficiency and delivering differentiated experiences.

Help Your Borrowers Get PPP Loans Forgiven – Financial Institutions that have helped small businesses receive SBA PPP loans can start preparing for the forgiveness process. The SBA PPP Lending Solution from Fiserv streamlines the forgiveness application, validation and submission processes for borrowers and financial institutions. These features can be used by any financial institution with SBA PPP loans. To learn more, listen to a recording of this webinar, check out the slides or read our FAQ document. As part of our partnership with EY, we recently hosted two webinars in which EY experts provided a detailed overview of PPP loan forgiveness, including borrower and lender responsibilities: July 1 (webinar and slides) and July 15 (webinar and slides).


2. Grow

Merchants Are Hidden Gems for Your Financial Institution [Forum Session] – Join us to learn why your merchant clients maintain higher demand deposit account balances, use more of your products and are less likely to change primary institutions. We'll discuss findings from the 2020 Accenture benchmarking analysis of the value of merchant services for global financial Institution brands. 

Elevating Your Community Institution’s Credit Card Strategies [Forum Session] – A well-designed credit card program can deliver growth opportunities for you and ease of use, real-time information, and personalized rewards and offers for consumers. It can differentiate you in a competitive marketplace. Join us to learn how to elevate your credit card program and create an active, healthy and growing portfolio using best practices, strategies, investments and innovation.

Meet the Next Generation of Retail Online™ and Business Online™ [Forum Session] – The next generation of Retail Online and Business Online creates a sleek, intuitive digital experience through a single platform. Consumers and businesses can scale their online banking experiences to meet their needs, while banks benefit from the behind-the-scenes ease of a single solution. Join this Forum session to learn about how the next generation of Retail Online and Business Online can help you attract the most entrepreneurial generation while improving efficiencies for your team.

Bringing Your Data Into Sharper Focus [Forum Session] – Data continues to grow in volume and speed, and businesses that take advantage of data analytics aligned to customer behaviors can build better relationships. Join this Forum session to hear how we can help you leverage your unique data position to provide you and your customers with real-time, data-driven insights at the right time and in the right channel.

Go Open or Go Home – The Promise of Open Banking [Forum Session] – Banking finds itself in a new normal, where Fintechs have changed the financial services landscape and an emerging open banking ecosystem challenges assumptions. Join this Forum session for an industry perspective on the promise of open banking.

You can also read a recent blog where leaders at Alerus shared how they used open banking to create a financial wellness strategy that adds unique value and creates market differentiation for the bank. 


3. Protect

COVID-19 Puts Business Continuity Plans into Action for Citizens Bank[Forum Podcast] – The New England based Citizens Bank shares how they were able to respond so quickly as the global nature of the COVID-19 crisis changed their plans. Participants include Julie Signorille, COO, Citizens Bank, Jason Henrichs, Fintech Forge and Matt Wilcox, SVP, Client Engagement, Fiserv.

Securing Your Weakest Link – Protect Against Social Engineering [Forum Session] – You're only as strong as your weakest link. While cybercrime has become increasingly sophisticated, old-fashioned social engineering continues to threaten unsuspecting consumers. Join this interactive discussion about strategies and tactics you can use to educate consumers about social engineering and reduce losses. 

Identify and Respond to Security Threats With SOAR [Forum Session] – Cyberthreats are on the rise, and financial institutions are a prime target. Most compromises take just minutes to execute, so you need to be able to investigate, contain and mitigate in minutes. Join this Forum Session to explore the benefits of and best practices for SOAR, a security approach that automates security operations without human intervention.

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