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1. Adapt.
Apply new thinking and strategies to adjust for dynamic change and disruption
2. Grow
Develop new capabilities, services and revenue opportunities
3. Protect
Prepare and defend the enterprise and consumers from dynamic threats.

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1. Adapt

COVID-19 Puts Business Continuity Plans into Action for Citizens Bank [Forum Podcast]  New England-based Citizens Bank shares how they were able to respond so quickly as the global nature of the COVID-19 crisis changed their plans. Listen to this Forum podcast to hear how they adapted to changed conditions.

Real-Time Payments – Perspectives from the Federal Reserve and The Clearing House [Forum Session] – Tremendous advances in digital payments have resulted in higher consumer expectations for faster payments. The Federal Reserve is developing FedNow℠, a real-time settlement service. The Clearing House is moving forward with its RTP® network. How should you respond? Join this Forum panel discussion on the real-time payments evolution with guests from the Federal Reserve, The Clearing House and Fiserv.

Principles and Best Practices for Delivering Improved User Experiences [Forum Session] –Creating an improved user experience involves more than making the user interface pretty. It requires intuitive, efficient and functionally elegant services that create easy and pleasant interactions for users. Good user-experience design values people above data, delivers relevant information quickly and in a way that’s easy to understand, and elicits positive emotional responses. Explore the principles guiding the transformation of the user experience.

Help Your Borrowers Get PPP Loans Forgiven – Financial Institutions that have helped small businesses receive SBA PPP loans are now embarking on the forgiveness process. The SBA PPP Lending Solution from Fiserv streamlines the forgiveness application, validation and submission processes for borrowers and financial institutions. These features can be used by any financial institution with SBA PPP loans. To learn more, listen to a recording of this webinar and check out the slides and our FAQ document. As part of our partnership with EY, we recently hosted two webinars in which experts from EY provided detailed overviews of the PPP loan forgiveness process, including borrower and lender responsibilities: July 1 (webinar and slides); July 15 (webinar and slides). 


2. Grow

Outlook for Commercial Services [Forum Session] –  Businesses face continuous pressure to increase returns and manage expenses. They expect their financial institution to provide advice, technology and the services they need to succeed. That includes an intuitive user experience for treasury management, lending and payments to meet their business needs now and in the future. Join this Forum session to learn what it takes to maximize your presence in the market, drive revenue and be a trusted partner in commercial services.

Merchants Are the Hidden Gems for Your Financial Institution [Forum Session] – Join this Forum session to learn why your merchant clients maintain higher demand deposit account balances, use more of your products and are less likely to change primary institutions. We'll discuss findings from the 2020 Accenture benchmarking analysis of the value of merchant services for global financial Institution brands. 

Signature Platform Strategy and Roadmap [Forum Session] – What you need for success in today’s challenging environment – openness, the ability to customize, real-time processing capabilities and commercial functionality – are key strengths of Signature. Join this Forum session to hear about continued investments Fiserv is making in Signature to help you remain relevant and successful. 

3. Protect 

Securing Your Weakest Link – Protect Against Social Engineering [Forum Session] – You're only as strong as your weakest link. While cybercrime has become increasingly sophisticated, old-fashioned social engineering continues to threaten unsuspecting consumers. Join this Forum session to hear about strategies and tactics you can use to educate consumers about social engineering and reduce losses. 


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