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As your partner, Fiserv is committed to helping you navigate a changing world. The following resources are designed to support your shifting needs.

Featured content this week:

  • See the Insights section below for details on how to evolve the way you manage risk so you can build a more resilient organization in an unpredictable environment.
  • Join us for a Portfolio Risk Management webinar to learn more about how continuous monitoring of lending risk factors can help you identify potential risk and respond more quickly.
  • Check out our blog about how recent innovations in lending provide a blueprint for institutions to rebuild their lending engines.
  • Watch the replay of our webinar about PPP loan forgiveness management or read the FAQ to learn more.
  • Fiserv can help you get the essential supplies needed to resume branch operations.

1. Lending

A Complete Market-Leading Solution for PPP Lending – The end-to-end PPP Lending solution from Fiserv positions financial institutions to help small businesses secure loans quickly and efficiently. And for banks looking to help small businesses get their PPP loans forgiven, our solution streamlines the application, validation and submission processes for both borrowers and financial institutions. 

The forgiveness management capabilities can be used by any financial institution with SBA PPP loans, even if your financial institution has not previously used the SBA PPP Lending Solution from Fiserv. Check out the SBA PPP Forgiveness Management FAQ, watch a recording of the Loan Forgiveness and Servicing webinar on May 20, or see the slides to learn more.

  • End-to-end SBA PPP Lending solution FAQ 
  • Introduction to Fiserv SBA PPP lending program: Webinar | Slides
  • Updated Overview of the SBA PPP Lending Solution: Webinar | Slides
  • Bulk Upload of PPP Loans to the Signature Core: Webinar | Slides
  • Demo of the Secure Form Loan Application: Webinar | Slides
  • Aperio™ and the SBA PPP Lending Solution: Webinar | Slides
  • LoanComplete™ and the SBA PPP Lending Solution: Webinar | Slides
  • Nautilus® and the SBA PPP Lending Solution: Webinar | Slides

Loan Servicing Best Practices During COVID-19 – Many of you anticipate a spike in requests for modifications to loans, including deferment of payments and adjustments to rates. To provide best practices for such requests, we have distributed a Signature Loans Best Practices document and hosted informational webinars on March 27, March 30 and April 17 (slides for April 17). 

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2. Engagement

Fiserv offers a number of tools, tips and recommendations for reaching customers and supporting them through these dynamic and uncertain times.

Remote Deposit Checklist – This quick list of best practices helps ensure a smooth experience for customers using remote deposit. In addition, Fiserv can help resolve any restrictions that may limit customers’ ability to make remote deposits.

Impact Marketing Messaging Template – Use our free and fully customizable messaging template to communicate with consumers about digital banking solutions they can use from the safety of home.

Beavercreek Marketing Digital Banking Tutorials – Our partner, Beavercreek Marketing, is offering 90 days of unbranded video tutorials of select digital banking products free of charge for financial institutions that are not currently subscribed to the Online Education Center. All materials are available for immediate download.

Mobiliti™ eLearning Portal – The Mobiliti eLearning Portal is an interactive learning platform designed to educate, train and test new users on the functions and benefits of Mobiliti features. If you are a first-time user, please begin by registering under the “Register Your Financial Institution” tab, and we’ll send you an email with next steps for getting started. 

Communicate Within Account Statements – Account statements can be an important venue for customer outreach and updates on your evolving response to recent developments. If you need support creating dynamic statements with space for updates, Fiserv can help. Example statement

Smart App Banner – Drive awareness of your mobile app with a Smart App Banner. Any customer who searches for your bank through a mobile browser will receive a pop-up with a link to download your mobile banking app. Email to get started.

3. Digital 

Now that people are looking to manage more financial tasks from the safety of home, this is a good time to refresh the digital experience – adding perks that make customers’ lives easier.

Building Trust Means Showing Up for Accountholders – How can you deepen loyalty at this time? Making quick pivots to offer daily credit score monitoring and instant card issuance shows you’re there for customers. And introducing communication tools like online appointment setting and video conferencing demonstrates you’re committed to new ways of interacting that protect everyone’s health.

Web Design Services – In a time of social distancing, your website is truly the face of your organization. Visit our showcase client sites to see how they are incorporating Coronavirus updates on their home page and pop-up banners.

NotifiSM – Real-time alerts can be used to broadcast a message to customers announcing a change in branch hours or even empower customers to the growing fraud threats in real time. Video

Micronotes® Cross-Sell™ – Using a digital dialogue tool that works within Retail Online or on your website can help you display announcement and updates related to a shifting environment. Micronotes Cross-Sell can send follow-up emails, texts, launch PDFs, videos, URLs and more. You can also display a free-form box that sends customer feedback to bank employees in real time. With a one-day installation, banks are live at the end of their kick-off call.  Example

Document eSignatures – Help customers access, sign and return needed documents from their homes or mobile devices. 


4. Payments  

In the midst of significant disruption, many financial institutions are considering whether it’s a good time to add person-to-person payments to support customers looking for alternative ways to make payments and get paid.

Join us for a webinar to learn more about how Zelle P2P payments provide a safe, fast way to send money to friends, family and co-workers in need:

To streamline the rollout, many Zelle Custom Marketing Program materials are available through our partnership with Beavercreek Marketing. These include staff training materials, marketing assets and videos.

5. Insights 

Times have changed. In an unpredictable environment, it’s not easy to see what impact the shifting economy will have on your balance sheet. Evolving the way you measure, monitor and manage risks can help you make data-driven strategic decisions and pivot your business with clarity.  

A simulation engine can give you immediate answers to what-if questions, so you can weigh the relative risks and rewards of different business strategies and stress events. You can test endless interest-rate scenarios and examine individual balance-sheet components or the balance sheet as a whole.

Taking control of your lending portfolio risk in particular can give you the confidence to continue lending in an uncertain environment. Fiserv can help you turn scheduled, manual account review into a continuous, risk-based process. Join a webinar on June 2 to learn more about how you can redefine loan portfolio risk management.

6. Security 

The current crisis has brought a new wave of fraud, including everything from phishing attempts to fake charities designed to prey on people’s goodwill and fraudulent offers to expedite government relief funds. Get the latest updates on emerging security threats and tools that can help you maintain the highest level of protection while improving the customer experience. Learn more

7. Workforce  

Many financial institutions are requiring employees to work from home at this time. This change introduces hardware considerations, network challenges and a host of risks, such as maintaining secure remote access.

Fiserv offers solutions to help you manage this temporary situation, along with complimentary consultative services to guide you through any challenges you may be facing.

Get the Essential Supplies Needed to Resume Branch Operations – As you begin resuming branch operations, Fiserv can help provide essential products to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. Personal safety solutions are now available to help keep branches clean and safe while promoting social distancing measures. Visit your personal CustomSource site for more information about the items available, or complete this form to learn how you can access these materials.

We’re Here to Support You

Fiserv greatly values your partnership. In the coming days and weeks, more resources will continue to be added to this page. In addition, stay tuned for the latest updates on Forum 2020, which is going to be a virtual event.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your client partner if there’s anything we can do to further support you. We appreciate your business – it’s an honor to serve you.